Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Holy fuck! The English language is pretty messed up in its writing. Not just the its, it’s debacle. The whole system needs to be phonetic. I will do away with silent e’s, heteronyms and much of the other bull crap that stands in the way of a decent written language.

/from the complaints department

For starters we will eliminate all the letters that can be duplicated by other letter combinations. So it goes that x, c, and q are on that list. Yet there are those sounds not covered by a single letter, appropriately like ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘sh’, ‘oo’ and possibly ‘oy’ are in need of symbols.

Oh yes, I think we need a possession symbol like the roman final sigma, only for possession and not pluralization. If this is not the case it doesn’t matter what we use as a possession indicator the its, it’s problem is possible. However, if we choose to ignore this and just say that this is a special case to be aware of, we can live without this symbol. In the end, I think it will be for the best not to have another symbol to know.

/from the ponderings department

I am getting ready to publish the first chapter of my new futuristic book on the blog. It predicts life in one thousands years from now. I know Futurama does this, but I think my world is a little more realistic.

/from the plannings department

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