Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day! eh?

So that election is making me mad. I am thinking of taking the government to court. I want to take it to the supreme court. The current system--first past the post--is undemocratic and must be changed before another election. It would be a good time to do this 'cause I am only a poor student now, and the government would have to foot the bill in the form of legal aid. I am shocked that no one else has thought of this idea. I guess that I am a little bit dismayed too, because there are far smarter people out there--they must all be liberals. Bastards.

I am not going to the fireworks today. They are silly and a waste of money. I would rather stay home and eat iced cream. Mmmm. Iced cream. I call for a boycott of all fireworks displays. Who is with me? .... anyone? .... c'mon guys .... <crickets chirping>

I am starting the studying bandwagon going again. I am revisiting the stuff I didn't really understand and want to. I am starting with buffered solutions from chemistry class. I would also like to review partial derivatives before school starts.

My tree has moved inside with me, the red pine seems to be doing OK. The concrete pot still needs to dry a bit. I also found that there are at least two--maybe three--snails. I don't know where they came from, but they are going to stay safe in my aqarium. I need something to eat the algae.

I think I might post the first chapter of the book tommorow. I might change my mind though.

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