Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I, Robot spoiler warning

I, Robot spoiler warning

I went to see I, Robot. It was a good movie, i.e. only a few errors. There was only one small error and it kept me guessing 'till the end. I thought the CEO did it. Although, I had it figured out before he bit the bullet.

The part that gets to me is that VIKI could not violate the first law. Even if it were to save lives. No human is expendable. But I guess that would mean that there would have been no chance that Smith's character could have died. Pretend danger might not be as good as the real thing?

If they had nanobots, why would they need to give Smith's character a new arm? They could have just built him a new one from his own DNA. This movie was better than most. However, movies could be better.

The movie showed the ultimate conclusion to the three laws of robots... well almost. No one would die in the real version.

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