Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I was reading this article Ralph sent me. And it hit me, it should be everyone's job to become useless. We should work towards a day when we say "I will do what I want". It is those who have developed the way to have greater control over others. It is called money. They have basically created a system of dependance. If we are dependant on you, you are treated better. Are we dependant on on Shaq? On Will Smith? On Britney Spears? On The Monarchy? On George Bush? No, but the people that try to make us dependant on them need these diversions so we will not kill them and/or find out their worthlessness. It sounds like I am one of those paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing people. However, the corporations and the manufacturers are the ones that figured out the way for best profits comes from disposablity. Cars are only designed to last 3-5 years. If they last longer, we are not getting enough profits. This is insane and not sustainable. I want a fridge that will last me 40 years not one that will last me four. This is not impossible, it was done in the post war days, things were meant to last. Why aren't they now? Because it is not nearly as profitable to. Wall street is concerned about growth. What the world really needs is some real growth, growth toward zero growth.

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