Sunday, November 21, 2004

This just in, UOIT, the university I attend, censors the Internet. They have blocked the site suprnova.org in the residences at least. This site is a bittorrent hub that has the biggest repository of bittorrent trackers I have ever seen. I will not be able to find out if the block is campus-wide until tomorrow, the tech department closes at four. Things that will be needed to find out:

Even if this is legal it is definitely legal for me to tell everyone that the school censors the Internet. In practice I support the blocking of this site, there are really easy ways to get around the block. However, I am an elitist geek so that shouldn't apply. In my heart of hearts I think everyone should use the CLI so I guess we are on par. However, if they start reducing bandwidth, and thereby costs, this way what is next? Porn? Video Games? I guess I will have to tell everyone the open ports. MSN needs certain known port numbers to work, therefore there will always be open ports if they start just blocking ports like they did last year. The IT people are really goddamn stupid.

I have a buddy studying at UT-Austin. They have a campus wide "local Network" where students can store their downloads. (Where only porn is moderated out)

Suprnova is an inefficient bandwith sucker. Perhaps to CLI lovers like you, something analogous would be an FTP server open to all UOIT students.
You should shake your fist at them. And I go to UT in Austin. I found your journal randomly.
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