Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I had a terrible day, utterly terrible. I woke up, did three fluids problems before handing them in. I found out on the way there is a good chance that I did the wrong set of problems. I don't care, or rather I can't care.

I had two separate panic attacks tonight, in as many hours. I think I should go into arts. I just need sleep.

I realized I am getting more and more disillusioned about Wikipedia. I guess that is what happens to me all the time. Utter go for it all, and then disillusionment. I really hope the fraternity doesn't turn out to be like that. What is really making me hate Wikipedia is those who "think their way is best". I am sorry, the world doesn't have time for you, and I don't either. Wikipedia will eventually become nothing more than a sidebar in a textbook. We have tried and failed. I predict the end of Wikipedia. I predict the end of copyrights, but I think Wikipedia will fall first. I will exploit Wikipedia for all I can. However, Wikipedia is a dead man walking.

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