Monday, April 24, 2006

I have been skeptical until now, but I believe I have realized the truth--Windows has finally come to an end.

Four converging threads tell me this.

1. Apple is not stupid, they have been scheming their attack on windows since the early days of OSX. I actually possess a rare version of Apple Rhapsody, which runs on Intel Chips. This early and only published Apple on Intel was shelved after Developer Release 2. Next, Apple made OSX kernel runable on Intel chips, their open core called Darwin was released to the developers to look at and change. They tapped Open Source and then recently closed their operating system to that community because they just released OSX for I686. This was deemed for security reasons, but I believe it was planned since before Darwin was released that Apple would close the gates in the end. They get free work done on their kernel, and a chance to say that it was looked over by everyone. The best of both closed and open source. Hardly, but OSX on your PC seems inevitable.

2. Google is coming in hard and fast on the web front. They have cornered everything on the internet except where yahoo and msn converge. However, Google isn't even competing in the markets that msn and yahoo have, instant chat, and games. Neither of which Google has. Google has things that people use, like maps and a slim search engine. Using AJAX Google can transform the web into a place where you find your office suite not just a place where you never thought you could pay your bills. There may not be any need for a large operating system sitting between your bare metal hardware and the internet. Google hopes so.

3. Linux / virtualization -- now with the new Intel and AMD chips that allow for virtualization of Windows under Linux, means that everyone can have a stable server Linux running under a bloated Windows interface. Run all you can (or are comfortable with) under Linux and then virutalize the rest through Xen or whatever. Windows as a new operating system is over, as windows can become a legacy support feature.

4. In the end, Microsoft has to have a product that actually works. All previous versions of Windows were sluggish, poorly coded, malware targets, they actually worked. As from what we see, Vista doesn't even work. So we shall see if there will be any defender on the scene anyway. In the end, it may be Microsoft and their bad software that may end their dynasty.

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